It was supposed to be a Sunday exclusive for KTVT CBS 11. Babe Laufenberg, the former Dallas Cowboys backup quarterback had a no-holds barred interview with current Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

And wouldn’t you know it, Alex Rodriquez, the world’s best baseball player, picks that same day to get caught using performance-enhancing drugs, and what would have been a big story slips to almost offseason football story status.

While some Cowboys players might have been miffed about being snubbed in the local media, not Tony Romo.

He was seen buying a Target gift card on Wednesday, that Romo said he was going to send to Alex Rodriguez. Romo said that for a few days at least, the Cowboys weren’t the center of Dallas sports fans’ attention, and he enjoyed the break.

So, in case fans missed it, here are the answers to a few of Laufenberg’s questions. Romo is getting ready for the 2009 season. Dating Jessica Simpson is great. Jerry Jones will have to make the decision on whether to bring back Terrell Owens for another season and Romo said he loves him some Jason Garrett.


heckler editorial staff