Blackhawks 3, Thrashers 1
At Philips Arena
Wednesday Feb. 11, 2009

There are so many intangibles to hockey. Like why did the Blackhawks score more goals than the Atlanta Thrashers, even though they didn’t? And why did the Blackhawks just beat the Thrashers, even though they didn’t?

There were three power-play goals, one empty-netter at the end, and the rest was all nonsense to this bandwagon fan.

The Thrashers had two goals that weren’t goals (one due to a clock malfunction and one was either a goal malfunction or one by the referee), more total shots in the game and played six men on four for the last two minutes. And lost.

Four names I remember—besides the obvious Khabibulin—are Sharp, Toews, Burish and Matt Walker. The first two guys scored goals, and I’m not sure where the other guys came from.

Adam Burish seems to enjoy diving in front of pucks and flailing limbs, which is just what Khabibulin does, and maybe just what everybody should do. Burish was also awarded a penalty for “roughing,” and was seen giving Sammy-Sosa-kisses to the many pictures of his family adorning “his” penalty box.

“I lo’ th’ fans,” said Burish.

Duncan Keith is back, too. Having not previously been privy to such knowledge as what “defense” looks like in hockey, bandwagon fans now at least know what the team plays like without him. It’s similar to what the Bears might look like if they chose to play without THEIR D-line.

Keith is quietly as jersey-worthy as the increasingly ubiquitous Kane and Toews (or the ladies’ favorite, Patrick Sharp).

Bandwagon question of the game
We’re wondering what’s up with the referee shaking off players before dropping the puck. Imagine a basketball ref refusing to let Joakim Noah go after the jump ball, and calling for Derrick Rose instead. At least we’d know once and for all who’s crooked.

Up next for the Blackhawks
Friday in St. Louis and then it’s back home on Saturday to give Chicago a big old valentine with their first home game in nearly a month (24 days since January 21st). Both will be good games; both will start at 7:30 p.m.

heckler editorial staff