Texas Stadium
Dallas, TX

Why the Cowboys Will Win
Dallas will win mainly because they’re the better team. If the Cowboys are able to avoid turnovers and special teams misques, they should be able to win by more than two touchdowns.

Pompous-ass wide receiver Terrell Owens has been injured with a sprained left ankle and will be a game-time decision. Personally, I believe the Cowboys know Owens is going to play and are trying to keep the Giants guessing. There is no way No. 81 isn’t on the field for Dallas on Sunday.

Even if Owens sits, the Cowboys offensive line is solid enough to hold off the strength of the Giants team, the defensive line. Quarterback Tony Romo will still have tight end Jason Witten and wide receivers Patrick Crayton and Terry Glenn at his disposal.

Running backs Marion Barber and Julius Jones are probably the best 1-2 punch in the NFC. Both backs are receiving threats out of the backfield. Jones is more of an every-down pace back and Barber runs like his hair is on fire.

Why the Giants Will Win
The Giants are going to have to run the ball silly if they have any chance. In their Wild Card win over Tampa Bay, New York found a good mix between running backs Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw, who ran for a combined 100 yards and one TD.

The ground attack in the Wild Card game loosened up the defense and allowed quarterback Eli Manning had perhaps his best game as a pro. With the pressure on, will he be able to do it two weeks in a row?

Is Jessica Simpson Going to Attend?
Nevermind all the X’s and O’s, stats and figures. The real concern for Sunday’s game will be whether or not Tony Romo’s lover, dingbat Jessica Simpson, will be sitting in the private suite with her pink Romo jersey.

Sources are saying that Simpson WILL NOT be at the game. Instead, she will be spending her time working on her new album. That’s too bad because I like when Fox shows her 400 times throughout the broadcast. She may as well go to the game because could spend the next 30 years on that album and it’s still going to sound like crap.

Simpson’s absence is bad news for Giants fans. The last time Simpson attended a Cowboys game, they lost and Romo played as bad as Simpson sings.

Playoff Drought
The Cowboys have not won a playoff game in 11 years, not having won in their last 5 postseason.

The Heckler’s Pick
The glory days in Dallas have returned. After a rough last few weeks, Romo will get back on track and lead the Cowboys to the NFC Championship and, eventually, their first Super Bowl apperence since 1995.

30 – 17

By Jon Redmond