Monday, July 15, 2024

Quenneville’s mustache added to fourth line

Injuries and inconsistent play have caused Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville to juggle player lines more than usual this season. Everybody from rarely-deployed defenseman Jordan Hendry to a seemingly random stream of Rockford Ice Hogs has made an appearance at forward for the Hawks.

In wake of ‘Tebowing’ craze, other NFL stars seeking ways to turn names physical

Wanting to hop on the wave of making one’s name into a physical gesture, NFL players across the country are creating their own catch phrase acts.

‘Tim Tebow-Kim Kardashian sex scandal’-headline written just to try to break the Internet

Two media phenomenons collided today when a blogger posted a sexually suggestive headline about Tim Tebow and Kim Kardashian for no other reason than to drive traffic to his blog and hopefully break the Internet.

‘Hopelessly tacky’ Prater gets starring role in next ‘Reno 911!’ movie

Broncos kicker Matt Prater has parlayed his on-the-field success and tacky appearance into a potential acting career after 20th Century Fox today announced he will have a starring role in the next movie installment of "Reno 911!"