Broncos kicker Matt Prater has parlayed his on-the-field success and tacky appearance into a potential acting career after 20th Century Fox today announced he will have a starring role in the next movie installment of “Reno 911!”

“We feel Matt will be a perfect fit for the mockumentary style we have so successfully used in ‘Reno 911!’ to cleverly spoof the legal troubles of America’s most tacky citizens,” said a 20th Century Fox spokesperson. “I mean, just look at the guy. With that facial hair and those ridiculous tattoos, he personifies ‘hopelessly tacky’ in every sense of the word.”

Prater said he’s been studying hard for the role and is thrilled to have secured a spot in the next installment of “Reno 911!”

“Well, just this summer I got busted for a hit-and-run while with a stripper in my car,” said Prater. “That alone could be a major plotline in the next film, and when you add on top of that my weird earrings and porn star mustache, I feel like I’m the perfect fit for ‘Reno 911!'”