Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Embarrassed Brewers admit Craig Counsell made playoff roster due to clerical error

The Milwaukee Brewers issued a statement following their 8-1 NLDS Game 3 loss to Arizona that attributed the presence of Craig Counsell on the team's playoff roster to an unfortunate clerical error.

Mark Grace sentenced to play first base for Cubs following his DUI

Mark Grace was sentenced to community service playing first base for the Cubs for the next 30 days, a Scottsdale, AZ judge ruled in connection with Grace’s DUI infraction over the Memorial Day weekend.

White Sox reacquire Roberto Alomar after HOF election

After trading for Roberto Alomar in 2003 and again in 2004, the White Sox are reverting to old, reliable means to improve their output at second base. Wednesday afternoon, the White Sox traded for Roberto Alomar on the same day the retired player was elected to baseball's Hall of Fame.

After weather problems in Pittsburgh, 2012 Winter Classic no longer to be held in...

Just minutes after the NHL moved Saturday's Winter Classic back eight hours due to weather issues in Pittsburgh, commissioner Gary Bettman announced a change to the 2012 showdown, whose host city has yet to be announced.

NBA Preview: Phoenix Suns

Why They Might Be Good: Amare Stoudamire has apparently fully recovered from last year's knee issues, although it's been reported that his vertical leap took a hit, dropping from eight feet to 6.5 inches. And Steve Nash has vowed to play this season with a chip on his shoulder—although since he's a super-nice Canadian chap, the chip is only the size of an Intel 64-bit microchip.