Monday, June 27, 2022

Rangers’ laughable pitching staff suffers key loss

Why can't the Rangers trade any pitchers listed on their 40-man roster? Because no other Major League GM believes an ex-Rangers' pitcher could pitch for their club, according to team president Nolan Ryan.

Sheets comes to Dallas; ice storm follows

DALLAS — Free-agent pitcher Ben Sheets was rumored to have been renting a car at the DFW Airport on Tuesday.

Young will make switch to third base

Michael Young said he will move from shortstop to third base and back off his demand for a trade after it became apparent that Rangers GM Jon Daniels couldn't trade him for two bad minor league pitchers and a year's supply of taffy.

Hicks approaches Ryan to join Rangers as team president and fifth starter

Rangers owner Tom Hicks recently asked local icon Nolan Ryan to be the team's new president this week and word is that the agreement will also see him inserted as the fifth man in the rotation.

Fans shocked as retired Rangers beat current Rangers in fan fest softball game

Rangers fans lumbered out of the annual fan fest in a state of shock after watching a team of former Rangers beat a team of current Rangers 2-1 in a charity softball game.

Svelte Sammy nears return to Rangers

In 1985, the Texas Rangers signed a malnourished teenager named Sammy Sosa. Twenty-two years later, Sosa is nearing a return to the Rangers with a minor league deal. Just like he did when he was 16, Sosa now weighs 140 pounds.