Friday, January 21, 2022

Pistons find out Gordon is only 5-foot-2

Following a recent workout, the Pistons came to the shocking revelation that free agent signee Ben Gordon is really only 5-foot-2. The Pistons found out after measuring the former Bulls guard, who they signed to a five-year, $55 million deal this summer.

Gordon can’t wait to show former teammates all the new ‘defense’ he’s learned

When the Pistons come to the United Center for tonight's game, former Bulls guard Ben Gordon is excited to show his former team all the cool new skills he’s learned--namely, how to play defense.

Pistons honor ‘Red’ Kerr by giving away game to Bulls

The Bulls honored longtime player, coach and announcer Johnny "Red" Kerr on Tuesday night by giving him a halftime ceremony and dedicating the United Center court to him. The Pistons honored him by blowing a 14-point lead in the fourth quarter, and giving the game away in an eventual 107-102 Bulls win.

Pistons give Bulls sympathy win

Around the NBA, Pistons guard Carlos Delfino has always been known for his kindness. By frequently baking cookies for fellow players and offering a shoulder to cry on when their wives leave them for NFL players, Delfino has earned the nickname "El Hombre Apacible," or literally a man who is gentle with others.

Tempers flair as Bulls punish Pistons

It would have been just another jawing session between two oversized egos. It would have fizzled out and everyone would have been just fine.

NFL admits it has ‘absolutely no idea’ what a clean hit is anymore

Minutes after Lance Briggs was flagged for unnecessary roughness on a seemingly clean hit that leveled Lions WR Calvin Johnson Sunday evening, NFL officials were scrambling as it finally became clear the league no longer had the ability to distinguish a dirty hit from a clean one.