When the Pistons come to the United Center for tonight’s game, former Bulls guard Ben Gordon is excited to show his former team all the cool new skills he’s learned–namely, how to play defense.

“It’s really cool, and real easy to do,” Gordon said of playing basic defense, something he typically avoided like the plague during his five years in Chicago. “You just kinda stand in front of the guy that you’re supposed to be ‘guarding,’ and it makes it harder for him to score.”

He gave a demonstration of his new skill set in preparation for tonight’s game between Eastern Conference rivals, both sporting losing records, showing off how he would get in the way of offensive players.

“Check this out, if you move your feet, you can stay in the guy’s way,” Gordon said, grinning like a 2-year-old who just learned how to use the potty. “And if you put your hands up and wave them around, sometimes you can even get the ball from him when he’s bouncing it.”

Pistons coach John Kuester said he was proud of the progress his new guard was making, but didn’t want to rush his progress too much.

“We’re hoping that maybe sometime after the All-Star break, we can teach him some more advanced techniques, like ‘taking a charge’ or ‘blocking a shot,'” he said.  

By Matthew Wood, intrepid reporter