As the Cubs’ apparent sell-off of 2020 continues, fans are pleading with Jed Hoyer to make part-owner Todd Ricketts the next member of the team to be shipped out of town.

“I understand why they’d deal Yu Darvish and now maybe Willson Contreras, but can they please please please deal Todd next?” asked Natalie Cortez of Park Ridge. “Come on Jed, you’re the new President of Baseball Operations. You can do this.”

Cortez added that Ricketts hasn’t shown any promise since his mediocre performance on “Undercover Boss” a decade ago but that other teams might see some upside anyway.

“Everyone in Chicago knows Todd has no value, but he apparently is good at helping outgoing presidential candidates raise hundreds of millions of dollars,” said Cortez. “If he’s good at bringing in money for sinking ships, there’s got to be a spot for him out there on some team that’s circling the drain.”

Added Cortez: “Now that I think of it, maybe the Cubs could put him in charge of raising money since they apparently are going belly-up.”