A fresh look for the Cubs is on the way. Change is the theme of this offseason which started with Theo Epstein’s exit. It didn’t take long for Jed Hoyer to put his stamp on the roster by not tendering recent top draft picks and fan favorites including Kyle Schwarber and Albert Almora, Jr. Change can also bring surprise as the 16-year veteran of the Cubs television booth took a permanent ride down the Red Line to jump in the radio booth of the White Sox.  

Many of the changes, especially the roster moves, were done in accordance with franchise wide cost cutting measures. The billionaire Ricketts family has stated the negative financial impact of the pandemic has forced many of the unfortunate reductions of staff and budget. Replacing Len Kasper will be no different. Director of Talent Acquisition for the Cubs, Brad Nagel, was overheard in line at a Wrigleyville coffee shop talking on his phone about options to replace Kasper.  

“Our budget constraints are forcing us to think outside the box to find Len’s replacement. I remember seeing a set of twins at a Spring Training game this past February,” said Nagel. “They were walking around Sloan Park dressed like Harry Caray with homemade microphones. This is something we need to look into. Maybe we can get a two-for-one deal, you know like buy one get one free.”

The person who overheard Nagel at the Wrigleyville coffee shop is a social media stalker of The Heckler who immediately contacted The Heckler on social media to see if we knew anything about these twins and their antics. The stalker, who requests anonymity, remembered seeing pictures from a raucous spring training event posted by The Heckler.

We replied to the stalker, ¨Of course we do … Those are The Boggs Twins.” And yes, we will do our part to see if we can get Brad Nagel in touch with them to fill that coveted seat, or seats, in the broadcast booth.

We are scurrying to contact the Boggs Twins so we sent a DM on Instagram to everyone following our page with the last name Boggs. Our first response was from @PoppaBoggs who said, ¨Are you freaking kidding? My boys could fill those seats. That would be the most epic thing that happened to this epic pair. And that includes the time they took over the youth baseball field in Scottsdale a couple years ago.”