As players opt out of the 2020 season and fall ill to COVID-19, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred announced Monday that this season will be a “war of attrition.”

“We know we’re not fooling anyone into thinking this season is going to feel normal in any way,” said Manfred. “I’ve decided the World Series title will be award to whichever team has enough players left to field a complete squad by the end of the season.”

Manfred added that any team with at least 12 players left by Sept. 1 will automatically qualify for the playoffs.

“We figure that will give us about four or six teams to duke it out for the World Series,” said Manfred. “And we know none of those teams will be in California, Arizona, Texas or Florida since they all have case numbers that are off the charts.”

Manfred added: “Let’s be honest. We just hope we have one or two teams left by mid-September so we can have any playoffs at all.”