After a brief hiatus that no-doubt disappointed millions of people, Wellness Checks are back. Today’s guest is David Strauss, one of the three brothers whose family owns Sluggers, the Wrigleyville staple bar and restaurant with batting cages and other nonsense upstairs. David and his family have always been very good to Brad and The Heckler, hosting a number of events and running ads and co-promotions from time to time. Listen here!

This was recorded a few weeks ago, but the topics all remain relevant: How does a family-owned bar in Wrigleyville deal with these difficult times? What will Wrigleyville look like by the time the pandemic is over? Not surprisingly given his career path and a life spent working in a bar a few hundred feet from Wrigley Field, David had a lot of great thoughts on this.

Also discussed are some of the crazy things he’s seen in his days behind the bar at Sluggers, including the 2016 Cubs taking over the place the night after they won the World Series.

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