MLB’s major problems with coronavirus testing come as an “odd relief” to a patient currently battling the disease with the help of a ventilator.

Terry Williamson, of suburban Dallas, was first diagnosed with the disease June 15 after waiting nearly a week to get his test results back. His conditions quickly took a turn for the worse and he was soon put on a ventilator in the overwhelmed ICU at a local hospital. Since then, things have been bleak.

“Terry is normally a pretty upbeat guy, but ever since being admitted to the hospital he’s been real down and out,” said his wife Phyllis, who hasn’t seen her husband in nearly a month and occasionally communicates with him via text message. “He was surprisingly relieved to hear what a disaster testing has been for baseball.”

Added Phyllis: “It’s really keeping him going knowing that–just like the government–even billionaires and millionaires in this country can’t get their shit together.”