Washington Redskins Dan Snyder has come around on his team’s controversial name.

“We realize that the name ‘Redskins’ is bad, offensive and hurtful.” said Snyder. “We want to turn a new leaf and we wanted to do it with a name that would resonate with people right at this moment. We thought long and hard about naming the team the Washington Coronaviruses, or just viruses. We sketched up some logos which actually did look awesome. But in the end we thought that maybe people would find it hard to root for a team named after a virus that will end up killing at least hundreds of thousands of people and that will cause the greatest recession in nearly 100 years. So we went with the deadly, yet noble Murder Hornet.”

The new Washington Murder Hornets logo will be released as soon as the actual Murder Hornets have fully embedded themselves throughout North America, which is expected to happen any day now.