Starved for betting props, without live sporting events, betting service BetOnline is offering truly unique propositions.

Based on the ESPN documentary, “The Last Dance,” the service put the over/under at seventeen for the number of times Michael Jordan says the word “Fuck” in the remaining four episodes.

“We think the story of the Bulls offers our clients an outstanding opportunity to place meaningful bets,” a BetOnline spokesperson told ESPN’s Max Kellerman.

“Jordan’s use of the ‘F’ word is just one of many props we’ll put up.”

In addition to what they’re calling the “Fuck” prop, BetOnline will also offer sides on Jordan’s use of the words “Fucking” and “Fucked.”

“If Michael says something like, ‘Reggie Miller is fucked tonight,’ or, ‘Craig Hodges is fucking the pooch,’ we have a side for that.”

The spokesperson said, “We’ll have an interesting parlay, an over of twenty-nine at +125, with a combo of Michael’s saying ‘Shit’ and ‘Fuck’.”

Perhaps the most interesting prop, offering odds of 75-1, is if Jordan calls Jerry Krause a “midget” five times or more during the remainder of the documentary.