Brian Urlacher is a Hall of Fame football player to some, but others know him for something completely different.

“I thought he was just a bald guy with a thick neck,” said 12-year-old Bobby Letting. “Passing by those giant billboards all the time on my way to the Bears’ games, I would think to myself, that guy who used to be bald sure has a thick neck, I bet he could have played football had he worked hard for it.” 

To the surprise of many, Urlacher himself isn’t too upset about it. That is how much he loves Restore. 

“I love it,” said Urlacher. “My football career is second to my advertising career with Restore. I hated being bald. Now I’m not bald, that is thanks so Restore. It’s as simple as that.”

Bobby loves the Bears, but given his family history, he is excited to try Restore in 30 years or so.