Today’s Wellness Check guest is former Bears great Charles Tillman. Listen here!

He and Brad talk about how the quarantine is impacting him and his family, the amazing amount of admirable charity work he did during his career and continues to do in retirement through his Cornerstone Foundation and other initiatives, how much he appreciates teammates like Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs making a case for Tillman to be in the Hall of Fame (he’s the career leader in forced fumbles by a DB and No. 6 overall), the brotherhood he and his teammates shared under the leadership of Lovie Smith, his role in the FBI, the toughest thing about retirement,  the best WRs he matched up against, the time he complimented Aaron Rodgers during a game, the Bears teammates he keeps in touch with, why he could go vegetarian but probably never vegan, what he’d sacrifice for the quarantine to come to a quick and responsible end, and much more.

Check out the Charles Tillman Cornerstone Foundation and follow Charles on Twitter.