Quarantine drags on but here’s another Wellness Check for you. Today’s guest is Heckler co-founder George Ellis. Listen here!

George is the kind of friend Brad can go quite a while without seeing or talking to but within a few minutes of reconnecting it feels like we were never out of touch. This conversation is no different.

George and Brad talk about how he, his wife and their infant are weathering the quarantine in Austin, Texas, where George and his wife moved awhile back.

George and Brad also discuss the origins of their friendship, which dates back to working together at Leo Burnett in 1999.

They also discuss starting RightFieldSucks.com in 2000 which was kind of a blog before blogs were things. From there, forward-thinking as always, Brad and George decided having created a digital platform where thousands of people from around the world shared content wasn’t the way of the future so they launched a newspaper in 2003 and called it The Heckler.

George and Brad go on a deep dive of Heckler history, including some of the many highs and lows of their time with The Heckler. Brad and George also talked about some of the exciting stuff George is working on now, including Classic Dad, which has a huge following, particularly in Instagram where it has 325,000 followers.

George and Brad also give a shoutout to their moms who might be the only people who listen to this.

George of course tells us what he’d sacrifice for the quarantine to come to a quick and responsible end.