Quarantine makes it to another day so it’s time for another Wellness Check. Today’s guest is Al Yellon from Bleed Cubbie Blue. Listen here!

Al and Brad talk about how Al is weathering the “new reality” quarantine in Arizona where he was for Spring Training, the history of Bleed Cubbie Blue and how he worked with the founders of SB Nation to turn his passion for the Cubs and blogging into a full-time job, the content they’re creating even though there’s no baseball being played, how the Cubs are doing in the daily MLB the Show simulations BCB is broadcasting at 3 pm every game day, how his fandom and job kind of got in the way of each other during the 2016 World Series run (though he was still able to enjoy it), how sports blogging has changed for him over the years, his thoughts on some of the backlash he’s received, how he was feeling about the 2020 Cubs prior to the quarantine, the surprising way things might look like for the Cubs and baseball in general in 2021, the future of Theo Epstein and the Cubs, what the Ricketts family has done right and what they haven’t, his perspective on how fans can reconcile the Ricketts family’s various political beliefs with their own and still be fans, what he’d sacrifice for baseball to be back ASAP, and much more.

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