Another day in quarantine means another Wellness Check, this one with Jason Caref who is a co-owner of Clark Street Sports. Listen here!

He’s a great guy who’s built a big business along with his partners. Jason and Brad talk about how the quarantine has been impacting him and his business.

He was in Arizona working for Spring Training when everything got shut down and he’s still out there, now with his wife and kids. Jason talks about how they’ve had to furlough their employees and how their suppliers like Nike and New Era have been to work with during these uncertain times.

Jason got his start in the business around the age of 10 while hustling tickets and other merch around Wrigley in the ’80s. He talks about getting autographs from Sandberg, Grace, Dawson and other Cubs from that era and how ushers used to let him sneak into games for free. Jason talks about what he’d sacrifice for the quarantine to end safely and for baseball to return and he also makes a plea to listeners to support local small businesses now and after the quarantine is lifted. Check out and follow them on social media.