The Cubs announced this week that starting pitcher Yu Darvish has landed on the 60-day injured list after leaving self-isolation in the Phoenix area for a trip to the local Costco to stock up on household necessities. The oft-inured Darvish apparently strained his back and pitching shoulder trying to load up his car with several pallets of canned goods, toilet paper, and hand soap.

“This is a definitely a set-back, albeit an expected one,” said Cubs manager David Ross. “If it wasn’t at the store it was inevitably going to happen at our training facility or Sloan Park. Yu is like a more brittle Kerry Wood.”

Darvish, however, was optimistic that he will recover in time to take the bump for Cubs opening day, whenever that occurs.

“I’ll be ready to go by Sept. 1, without a doubt,” said Darvish. “That is unless I develop a finger blister trying to open up all of those canned goods I bought. I should really invest in one of those electric can openers.”

Jeremy Barewin