Quarantine drags on but fear not as another Wellness Check is on the way. Today’s guest is Will Byington, a well-known photographer based on Chicago’s North Side. Listen here!

Will and Brad have been friends since 2004 and spend some time on this interview yelling “get off my lawn” at the “douche-refic” (his word) bars that are now in Wrigleyville while also appreciating some aspects of the neighborhood’s evolution.

We also talk about how he’s getting by during the quarantine as a guy who makes most of his living photographing live events, all the amazing plans he’s had to cancel, his time on The Heckler Spring Training trip earlier this month (which feels like years ago), what he would give up for baseball to start again and the world to return to “normal” (hint: It’s not a testicle), his friendship with the Murray brothers, Kato Kalin (why not?), Will’s participation in the #1PushUpChallenge, his advice for others both during the quarantine and during normal times, and his appreciation of art and entertainment (even Tiger King). Check Will out at willbyington.com.