Quarantine continues and so does our Wellness Check series. In this episode, Brad interviews singer extraordinary John Vincent. Listen here!

Those lucky enough to know John or follow him on social media are aware of his oversized personality, amazing singing talents and openness about his mental health battles. Another cool thing about John is that he’s got a lot of famous friends (note how names like Brett Favre, Joe Maddon, Mike McCarthy and Mike Ditka come up in the interview) but he treats everyone he meets with the same level of respect and courtesy.

He’s also a very passionate guy who has done a ton of research on coronavirus, the Spanish Flu and the Black Plague. Things get a little dark in this interview but in the end, John stays upbeat and shares what he hopes for the world once we emerge from this quarantine.

Check out John’s website for his social handles and for info on his gigs once the world starts moving again.