After finally opening up their wallets to make a big offseason splash in the signing of Steven Souza, the now-cash-strapped Cubs have been forced to cancel their team’s Netflix account in order to make ends meet.

The Cubs, who are valued at $3.1 billion, may have had to make a few financial sacrifices in order to somehow stay afloat, but they have assured the clubhouse that they still have enough cap room to keep their Hulu subscription.

“With commercials,” Tom Ricketts, member of the $2.3 billion Ricketts family and owner of the $3.1 billion Cubs, clarified.

In order to make up for their shrinking profit margins from not signing any big-name players, the Cubs will now be charging a World Series commemorative price of $20.16 per month for their Marquee Sports Network.

Shingo TaCatsu