The Bulls continued horrid run has finally gotten to high-flying mascot Benny the Bull who was taken into custody for public intoxication following Monday night’s 21-point loss against the Bucks.

In addition to his own drinking, Benny was allegedly trying to persuade fans to join in on his alcohol consumption, which one source termed “beyond excessive.”

“C’mon!” Benny was quoted at shouting to the crowd. “Let’s take a shot every time the Bulls turn the ball over! So let’s get blacked out tonight!”

With just one glance at the Bulls’ record this season, it’s easy to understand why Benny has created a habit directly related to Homer Simpson and Duff beer. High hopes were instilled in the mascot’s head last summer, but as the season progressed, he turned for the worst.

After every home game, security has reportedly regularly found the mascot passed out in the stands murmuring things like Stacey King’s infamous “too big, too strong, too fast, too good!”; “Maybe the Bulls can bring in some more assets?”; and “Where’s Derrick Rose when you need him?”

Image by Joel N. 

Matty Ice