LeBron James has become more and more famous over the years and not just for his play on the court. He is a social media giant and some of his most viral posts may be the now famous “Taco Tuesday” videos which display his excitement for eating tacos on, you guessed it, Tuesdays. 

But this Tuesday LeBron admitted that every now and then he doesn’t go “all in” for Taco Tuesday like his social media profile suggests. 

“Sometimes I’ll post the video as if I’m excited but then I won’t even eat those tacos,” James said in an interview with Outside the Lines. “I love tacos, I really do, but every Tuesday? It takes a toll, mentally and physically. I just want to apologize to my loyal fans. I didn’t want to lie to you, I still support Taco Tuesday and every one who celebrates. I just can’t do it Every. Single. Tuesday. I am truly sorry.” 

Since the news broke, taco restaurants world wide have suffered. Meanwhile, the chicken industry is attempting to take advantage by reaching out to LeBron in hopes he will hop on the “Chicken Wing Wednesday” train. 

Time will tell.