The Cubs made the 2020 launch of their new Marquee Sports Network official today and many fans are outraged about the partnership with Sinclair Broadcasting, which is infamous for — among other things — forcing its right-wing views into local newscasts around the country.

Since Chicago is a firmly liberal blue city, having to pay a conservative media conglomerate to watch Cubs games isn’t sitting well with many fans, now torn between the baseball team they love and the political values they hold dear. One fan in particular spoke out.

“I just can’t believe it,” said Peter McGraw of Lakeview, who broke out into a hard cry shortly after the news sunk in. “I love the Cubs but don’t they know how many of us openly support liberal causes? On a related note, how do I start paying for this as soon as possible?”

Added McGraw: “I don’t want to miss an inning of Cubs games, so it’s really important my subscription is up and running as soon as possible. I’ll worry about the political stuff later, I guess. My therapist calls it compartmentalizing.”