After a surprise 12-4 season and NFC North title, the Chicago Bears became a hot pick to run the table this postseason. However, after Sunday night’s heartbreaking 16-15 defeat to the Eagles, one fan is pretending he’s just happy with the way the regular season worked out.

“Going into this season, I would have been thrilled with 8-8,” said Joe Livingston of Hinsdale, with a tone that can best be described as extremely halfhearted. “But to win the North and host an opening round playoff game, well, that’s just wonderful.”

Added Livingston: “Sure, it would have been nice to win against Philly, but hey, life’s not always fair.”

Livingston appeared to brush back tears while continuing.

“Yeah, you know, of course Parkey really should have made that last field goal,” said Livingston, who reportedly already had a flight to Los Angeles booked for next week’s playoff game against the Rams that now won’t be featuring the Bears. “And the defense should stopped the Eagles on that last drive … and the game really shouldn’t have been that close if the Bears would have converted just one or two offensive opportunities early in the game … but what really matters is that we went 12-4 and won the NFC North, right?”

Now sobbing, Livingston began quietly chanting “GREEN BAY SUCKS!” while tailing off and breaking out in a full-on sob.