Before you laugh, consider these 7 factors.

1) He dominated the scouting combine!
Sure, it was 3 years ago, but did you SEE how he destroyed the 2015 scouting combine? He had a 4.35 40-yard dash time, and had 23 reps on the bench press. You cannot argue with these measurables, and this guy is DEFINITELY poised to have a breakout season.

2) His leg hasn’t been a problem in over a year.
Listen, it’s really time we let the past be the past. Yes, he hurt his leg a couple of times, and broke his shoulder, but who hasn’t gotten dinged up here and there? Football is a violent sport, but there’s no reason to punish somebody for falling awkwardly a couple of times. Plus, his shoulder injury is giving his leg even extra time to heal! Sure, if you draft him in the first round, your friends may mock you, but when he rakes in 1,500 receiving yards, you will have the last laugh!

3) He’s trying really, really hard.
Look guys, football is a really hard sport to play. But Kevin White is trying his best. He works hard in the weight room, and he also does a lot of practicing! Show him that you like how hard he tries by taking a chance on him in the first round of your draft.

4) There’s no way the Lord above could be so cruel as to give him another major injury.
Yes, of course, the world is filled with anger, war, disease, and hatred. Shockingly enough, only 51% of the human population has access to clean water. But there is no way that any supreme being would be so cruel, that he’d force somebody to get a season-ending injury four years in a row. Your fantasy team should be safe.

5) Wide receiver talent is short nowadays.
Did you know that the first round of the past three drafts have only produced one Pro Bowler so far? The NFL is experiencing a talent crisis at the wide receiver position. Aside from a couple of stars, you really don’t have many options. Take a chance on Kevin White! The NFL is itching for a new star, plus…

6) The future greatest quarterback in NFL history is passing him the football.
Have you SEEN this guy sling the football? How bout his 4th down run on the final drive against the Lions last year? Mitch Trubisky is about to set the league on FIRE! This born passer can literally make any throw, any time, in any situation. It would be literally impossible for any wide receiver to NOT make the Pro Bowl as long as this guy is throwing the ball.

7) What’s the worst that could happen? You lose in your pretend football league?
At the end of the day, if it doesn’t pan out, what’s gonna happen? Okay, maybe if you come in last place, MAYBE you will have to wear your idiot friend Jimmy’s Packers jersey for a day. But we know you won’t come in last, because no matter what, Dave is going to draft Marshawn Lynch with his first pick, and he will choose the rest of his players based on how long their names are. But really, in the end, no matter how badly your team is doing, you’re still going to pore over your roster for four hours every Saturday, so why not make things interesting?