The gloves came off in a hurry. It didn’t take long for both Presidential candidates to drop all civilities. The issue that caused the disturbance: Who is the biggest Cubs fan this postseason?

Initially, Thursday night’s debate started off with perfect civility. The cool and collected Republican nominee, along with his extremely likable Democratic counterpart, agreed on virtually every issue including the economy, national security, and gun control.

So what set off these two close friends and confidantes? It happened when moderator Chris Wallace casually asked during a commercial break if anybody knew the Cubs-Dodgers score.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

First Hillary took out her smartphone, an iPad and three damaged Blackberries to see if she could check the score and give a slightly condescending correct answer. Then, a furious Donald Trump demanded he knew the answer without even looking, and claimed that the Cubs were winning 15-0 because they were winners, just like the Donald. Also, Trump added that he had a fancy tower in Chicago, a big beautiful amazing tower that was almost as amazing as his Cubs.

Hillary quickly countered by letting the audience know she was originally from Chicago and that in her majestic vision of America, the Cubs would prove victorious against the St. Louis Blues if they could just carry the lead into halftime, and then make it safely into the end zone to defeat those Cleveland Cavaliers.

Trump, now claiming that the score was 22-0, demanded his Cubs were going to make a no fly zone over Wrigley Field for all Dodger hitters once the series returned to Chicago. Also, his new tower would probably be suspiciously close to 1060 W Addison St, assuming the Chinese construction equipment arrived on time.

Lastly, Hillary lashed out by accusing Trump of being a puppet for former Cubs manager Mike Quade. Trump then countered by claiming that if Hillary was President, the rooftop seats surrounding Wrigley Field would be filled with illegal immigrants, radical terrorists, and even worse, White Sox fans.

To close the debate, Wallace asked the two candidates if they could ever find common ground again. Both candidates sighed and said yes, agreeing that there was no place for White Sox fans anywhere near Wrigley Field.