Adrian Gonzalez was up in arms following the refusal to overturn the out he made at the plate in the second inning Wednesday night. With no possibility for re-review, Gonzalez protested the only way he knew how – by whining over social media, and yes, even staying the night at a Trump Hotel.

“I had my reasons for not staying there in Chicago,” Gonzalez stated. “But, this time, the umps really got it wrong and I’m pissed! I blame the corrupt system… and especially Hillary!” Following the game, Gonzalez promptly hopped in his car and drove four hours in protest to the nearest Trump property in Las Vegas.

While the Dodgers may have been cheated out of a run, Gonzalez refused to account for the 8-run differential that ultimately decided the game.

“Typical media with your box scores and fact checking,” Gonzalez added. “If you want to make baseball great again, ditch the instant replay and let the professionals bitch until we get the desired call!”

Heckler Brian