With the Cubs swept out of the NLCS by the Mets, Brooklyn resident and lifelong Cubs fan, John Franklin, has informed reporters, as well as his friends and coworkers that he is doing, “Just fine,” and would prefer it if people would, “Stop asking” how he is doing “all the damn time.”

Franklin, who grew up in Chicago and moved to New York for college a few years after the Cubs 2003 NLCS collapse, has been concerning his friends during the past few days, according to various sources.

“I mean, after the Cubs beat the Cardinals, John was all, ‘Bring on the Mets, we were 7-0 against them in the regular season, baby!'” his girlfriend, who grew up in Queens as a Mets fan, told reporters.  “But now, when I asked him what he planned on doing for the game tonight, he just sort of shrugged and said he wasn’t sure he was going to watch it, and he was thinking about re-watching the last season of Breaking Bad on Netflix.  I’m kind of worried for him.”

When reached for comment about his mental state, a visibly irritated Franklin told reporters, “Just DROP it, okay?  I’m FINE.  What?  I’m doing great.  It’s not a big deal.  We’ll get them next year.  I’m FINE.  I SAID I’M FINE.  GOD!”

Jeff GoodSmith