Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane was recently spotted at Cesar’s in Lakeview asking the bartender, hypothetically, how much it would cost to fill the Stanley Cup with a frozen margarita. The 2013 Conn Smyth trophy winner, who had been taking the Cup with him to dozens of bars in the city, stressed that he was just asking out of curiosity, and that they should ignore the Stanley Cup resting in front of the establishment.

Kane was overheard to say, “I’m just asking for a friend, like, would you just fill it up for free, or would it be a few hundred bucks, you know, if you made a margarita big enough to fit inside the Stanley Cup. Not that I would fill the Stanley Cup with a frozen margarita, even though that does sound delicious and refreshing, but, like, you know, I’m just wondering. If you would do it. I mean could do it. Hypothetically.”

The next day, a visibly hungover Kane was seen asking if anyone knew how to clean lime juice and triple sec off of silver.

Jeff GoodSmith