A spokesman for the Chicago Police Department confirmed the search for hundreds of Internet trolls has been expanded to include three neighboring counties.

“We’re talking about people who were on blogs and Facebook pages after every single game, complaining about [Blackhawks goalie] Corey Crawford,” said Jerry O’Brennan, a CPD spokesman. “But then, suddenly, they all up and vanished a couple weeks ago. Whether it coincides with Crawford’s stellar play is not the issue. The concern is that we’ve lost up to 1,000 citizens, no matter how annoying or wrong-headed they are.”

Among the missing is Cicero native Bob Devorow, who has been a fan of the Hawks dating all the way back to 2010.

“He’s the worst goalie EVER. Bring back Niemi!” Devorow posted in the comments of a Chicagosports.com article in late February. “CROW = NO…CUPS!”

Devorow’s last criticism of Crawford was logged on March 2. Before his disappearance, he was responsible for nearly 10 negative posts per day regarding the Hawks goalie. Police are currently unsure of his whereabouts, but many believe he may be hiding in his mother’s basement, angrily waiting for Crawford to let in a soft goal so he can re-emerge and tell everyone he was right.