New Bears head coach John Fox put to rest any speculation that he was disappointed to be moving forward with Jay Cutler at quarterback.

“I expect huge things out of Jay this year,” he said. “I mean, the guy can hand off the rock with the best of them. Or at least as well as most professional quarterbacks not named Mark Sanchez. Of all his fumbles, maybe only two came on an exchange with Matt Forte. So if you figure we only have him throw a couple screen passes a game and the rest are all running plays, I’m confident we keep him under 10 turnovers.”

Cutler was emboldened by his head coach’s vote of confidence.

“I’ll hand it off this way,” Cutler said, motioning to his right. “And this way too,” he added, motioning to his left. When he looked at the ground, indicating the imaginary football had slipped out of his hand, he simply shrugged.

“We’ve got plenty of time to work out the kinks,” he said.