With rumors circulating about discord in the Blackhawks locker room regarding Patrick Sharp having coffee with a teammate’s wife, the story was confirmed by several media outlets.

A source said to be close to “some dude who knows a guy who worked five years ago as a part-time custodian at a business three blocks from the United Center,” confirmed reports that Sharp and the wife of a Hawks’ player were seen at a Dunkin’ Donuts located in Winnetka.

“The gal was having a medium dark roast while Sharp drank a Frozen Hazelnut Coffee Coolata,” according to reports.

“I got an uncle who knows a guy, who is pals with a guy who works in the Hawks locker room,” the source said. “I swear on my Nana’s grave that it’s true.”

Other Sharp-related rumors under investigation include:
• Sharp and an “unnamed Chicago television female weather person” are on the same bowling team in the Timber Lanes Monday night league.
• Sharp often waxes coach Quenneville’s mustache between periods.
• Sharp enjoys eating sauerkraut and dumplings at Marian Hossa’s condo.
• Sharp is teaching rookie Teuvo Teravainen to drive a car.
• Sharp sent birthday cards and Frango mints to “several” Blackhawks’ ice girls.

Regarding the story about Sharp’s coffee tryst with a teammate’s wife, the rumor was vehemently refuted by a team spokesperson. “You want proof the story is bull,” the spokesperson asked.

“You really think Winnetka would allow a Dunkin’ Donuts?”