More bad news happened today for the Chicago Bulls as Jimmy Butler will be out for 3-6 weeks after spraining his left elbow. However it was another issue at the Advocate Center that drew the ire of Bulls coach, Tom Thibodeau.

The discussion started this morning with the meeting between Thibodeau and John Paxson and Gar Forman over how many minutes Kirk Hinrich should be receiving. To loosen the stoic coach, Paxson casually mentioned the internet craze over the dress. Thibodeau was said to be enraged when Paxson and Forman were defiant that the dress was blue and black not gold and white.

A heated exchanged ensued after Thibodeau reportedly called Paxson delusion. Sources said that Thibodeau was screaming, “How clear does it have to be?” Forman had to get between the two before a scuffle started. Thibodeau stormed out of the meeting with Paxson shouting at him blue and black. This organization is behind blue and black!

Bulls forward, Mike Dunleavy confirmed he heard the argument.

“Coach was irate. I thought it was because of the news about Jimmy [Butler.] Nope, he was steamed. I’m scared to tell him I think it’s blue and black too.”

A curt Thibodeau was asked about his take over the hullabaloo.

“Let’s just say that they [Paxson and Forman] see things differently than me. After today honestly I’m questioning their vision. I’m tired of this team not seeing what is so plainly obvious. First it was [Carlos] Boozer, now this.”

Derrick Rose was asked whether he thought the dress was blue and black or gold and white. Rose stated that he would need more time to make that decision but had the support of the team.