Suspended NBC anchorman Brian Williams fondly remembers his time 30 years ago when he says he was the bullpen coach of the Chicago Cubs.

“Talking baseball with Jim Frey, doing shots and beers with Harry Carey and catching fungos off the bat of Shawon Dunston are memories that are simply priceless,” Williams wrote on his blog titled “Williams: Believe It or Not.”

While he’s covered every major global event in the last quarter century, Williams said his greatest thrill as a professional occurred while with the Cubs.

“As a rookie, Greg Maddux had a 98 mile fastball, but he just couldn’t find success,” Williams recalled. “That’s when I convinced him to go strictly with a mix of sliders and change-ups and to locate, locate, locate.”

After a chance encounter with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Williams revealed how he entered into the news business.

“I was having drinks at 21 Club in Midtown Manhattan when I ran into the Secretary, who believed that I had a face for television,” said Williams. “Having recently finished a gig as Chairman of General Motors, I was ready for a change. Before you know it, I’m anchoring in prime time.”

There is much speculation about Williams’ future in broadcasting, but he isn’t concerned.

“I’ve got several irons in the fires,” said Williams. “I’m toying with the idea of pursuing feelers from the Obama administration about becoming ambassador to France.”

“Or, I might go back into baseball. Theo Epstein wants me to head up sabermetrics for the ball club.”