Following the premature release of the 3rd season of “House of Cards” earlier this week, Netflix erred again and posted the Chicago Cubs’ entire 2015 season on Friday. The mistake was caught within 30 hours and all games were pulled off the service, but not before several hundred area viewers were able to view most of the season.

“I liked the 22-game winning streak to open the season,” said Gloria O’Connor of Palatine. “I’ve been a fan for 44 years, and can’t remember the last time the Cubbies won 10 games total in April, let alone 22. And of course these were all consecutive.”

Jon Hunter of Hinsdale was also pleased with what he saw.

“One of the best highlights of this season was the Cubs going 19-0 against the Cardinals,” he said. “I really liked how Joe Maddon left all starters in during that 37-0 rout in early July.”

Added Tim Swanson of Aurora, “I never expected Kris Bryant to come along and do so much his rookie year. And going 7-for-7 the way he did in that nationally-televised August game against the Giants was a real eye-opener. It’s just a shame that all 6 of his homers ended up in the empty bleachers. I’m looking forward to the 2016 season to see if they ever finish construction.”

The most excitement was generated by the team’s performance in the playoffs. Viewer Mike Green of Evanston said he “questioned some of the Cubs free agent signings late in the season, but once Anthony Rizzo got tossed out of Game 5 of the World Series, it was only fitting that Julio Franco did what he did the rest of the way.”