A day after Sony Pictures announced they were cancelling the release of the film “The Interview” due to threats from a hacker group with possible ties to North Korea, the Chicago Bears have announced they are cancelling the last two games of their disastrous 2014 season due to similar concerns.

Head coach Marc Trestman, whose job is in serious jeopardy and who benefits greatly from avoiding another embarrassing, lopsided loss at the hands of the Detroit Lions, was candid with reporters.

“When we heard ‘The Interview’, which is getting pretty bad reviews, won’t be released because of threats made by the Sony hackers, we thought it was pretty awful,” said Trestman. “But then we heard they wanted us to cancel our last game, because it offended North Korea, and, as much as it pained me not to give our boys a chance to lose badly to the Detroit Lions, we all decided the safety of our team and fans was the most important thing to keep in mind.”

Bears GM Phil Emery, who also is under fire a year after offering a massive contract to Jay Cutler, who would have been benched if not for the game being cancelled, confirmed this sentiment.

“We really wanted nothing more than to go out there and finish this game, but, you know, the hackers,” said Emery. “They hacked us and threatened us, just like Sony, so we had to call the game off.”

The Bears also announced that depending on how their quarterback situation ends up looking next year, they might have to cancel next season too, just in case the hackers show up again.

Jeff GoodSmith