In a shocking decision today at Halas Hall, Coach Marc Trestman has decided to have quarterback, Jay Cutler ride the pines. Jimmy Clausen will start in his place according to team sources. However, just because Cutler will be second string, the Bears brass is still expecting Cutler to throw his usual three interceptions on sunday.

“I wouldn’t put it past him,” said Bears coach Marc Trestman. “Three hours every Sunday, he makes throws I can’t believe. If Jay’s on the field put him down for at least three interceptions. I don’t care, starting, not starting, doesn’t matter. If you don’t believe me come watch the game film.”

Offensive coordinator, Aaron Kromer embroiled in his own controversy last week about comments made about Cutler, added to Trestman’s comments.

“That Lions defense is solid. They’re so good it wouldn’t surprise me if they did pick off Jay a few times. It could be in warm-ups, during a timeout, even when the Lions are on offense. They’re that good. My guess is [Ndamukong] Suh is going to get a few sacks on Jay as well.

Trestman wanted to add, “Put him down for two fumbles too.”