In anticipation of Sunday’s match against the Buccaneers, Bears head coach Marc Trestman spent Wednesday morning in a local Starbucks working on his notes for the post-game press conference.

“I put my core concepts in one notebook and the power-platitudes in another,” said Trestman. “Going into the game on Sunday, I will have at least eight different ways of saying that responsibility starts with me, as well as a few different looks in hemming and hawing. All in all, I think I’m well prepared.”

Trestman’s presser will be his 27th as head coach of the Bears, and it comes just a week after a string of rocky performances in front of the cameras.

“I haven’t been sure what to say, so I’ve just sort been winging it and I’ve been using a little bit too much of my allotted time,” Trestman said. “To improve, I’m going to go back and look at the tape of previous press conferences and see what worked for me before.”