This Sunday, Josh McCown will be the starting quarterback for both the Bears and the Buccaneers marking the first time a quarterback has played for both teams since the Tonawanda Kardex played the Rochester Jeffersons in 1921. “I owe it to my former teammates,” explained McCown. “They didn’t do anything to deserve this awful season, so I thought I’d help them out. “

In order to comply with league rules, McCown will have to change uniforms between every series and use an electric cart to race around the end zones to get from one bench to the other.

In a conference call, the two head coaches—Lovie Smith and Marc Trestman—applauded McCown’s dedication to both teams.

“Josh plays well for us, but I know he misses his salad days in Chicago. Why not let him have another day in the sun?” Smith remarked.  “It’s not like either team is going to the playoffs or anything.”

Added Smith: “Josh is our quarterback. But that doesn’t mean Josh can’t be their quarterback too.”

Trestman agreed. “Josh flourished last year, but is struggling a bit now that he’s in sunnier climes.  It’ll be good to have him back under center for us. Well, and for them. But mostly us.”

When asked why he decided to bench Jay Cutler, Trestman stared at the reporter without blinking until the reporter muttered an apology and left the room shame-faced.