Fans of The Heckler probably saw the outburst of negative coverage we piled on the Bears last week as their season was being pronounced dead at Lambeau Field, which is why it might come as a surprise that we’re suddenly promoting a Bears scavenger hunt being sponsored by the really nice people at State Farm.

We know what you’re thinking: “State Farm MUST have paid for this coverage. Why else would The Heckler spend even a minute promoting anything fun and positive about the Chicago Bears even after their mildly impressive win over the hapless Vikings Sunday?”

Well, my friend, that’s where you’re RIGHT! State Farm definitely DID pay us to promote their a city-wide scavenger hunt on Twitter that challenges fans to “double check” their knowledge of their team and Chicago neighborhoods for the chance to win Bears-related prizes.

We were paid to tell you this: Follow @StateFarm on Twitter (ignore any Aaron Rodgers stuff you see there) and follow the hashtag #DoubleCheckDaBears for clues on the two different Chicago neighborhoods where prizes will be given out by State Farm reps on Saturday, Nov. 22 and Thursday, Dec. 4.

The first fans to find the State Farm reps outside local landmarks indicated in the clues will win prizes including two tickets and sideline passes to that week’s Bears game at Soldier Field, Bears T-shirts, jerseys and hats, which is pretty cool even though the team’s been struggling.

And of course, we’re 100 percent telling you this because State Farm paid us to do so.