History will be made on April 5, 2015 as the Chicago Cubs will play the first home opener at night in the team’s history. The game was moved from April 6, an afternoon affair, against St. Louis.

“Our sabermetrics show that on April 5 there is an 8 to 10 degrees difference in temperature at night from day, and that could give us great home field advantage,” Crane Kenney, President of Baseball Operations said.

It will be billed as “Cub Weather Night,” according to Kenney. “We’ll find a couple of sponsors to give away some wool hats and fingerless gloves.”

While optimism abounds for the 2015 season, the Cubs have lost four straight home openers and nine of the last twelve.

“Since we haven’t won at home in quite a few years, we’ll try anything to win,” said Kenney, “That includes an attempt to freeze the Cardinals into losing.”