The wait is over Bulls fans. After years of being dogged by health issues, a reinvigorated Derrick Rose has been given a 100 percent clean bill of advertising health. Effective immediately the former MVP can begin a rigorous regimen of shooting commercials for Adidas, SkullCandy and if things go right, even Giordano’s Pizza.

Despite the good news, most Bulls fans remain subdued. For them the pain of seeing a clearly- injured Rose limp through commercial shoots at half-speed is still fresh. It seems like only months ago that a hobbling Derrick Rose barely made it through an Adidas commercial, unable to cut himself a slice of champagne birthday cake in the VIP room at Spy Bar while partying with his good friends Common and 2 Chainz.

For Rose — who recently stated he is sitting out games so that down the road he won’t be sore in the board room or at his son’s graduation — it takes an absolutely Herculean effort to show-up on set and gulp down tropical Bahaman raspberry Powerade sometimes for 2-3 takes before shooting wraps-up.

To put this in perspective, imagine if back in 1998 before the NBA Finals that Scottie Pippen hurt himself while shooting a commercial for the Scottie Pippen Dodge Dealership, or worse yet, what if Michael Jordan had tripped over one of the small children working at the Nike Factory? And yet despite the risk, a determined Rose vowed to go on knowing full well that despite any discomfort he might be feeling, the new line of Hello Kitty’s Island Adventure EA Sports SkullCandy scented headphones weren’t going to sell themselves.