Gamers everywhere are rejoicing after a new glitch was recently uncovered in Madden 15 that enables the Bears to finally beat the Packers by simply entering a few cheat codes and mid-season coaching changes.

Although such an unrealistic scenario is virtually impossible in the real world, this is the Madden Universe, and true fans know that in Madden if you can do something as impossible as use a Freestyle bandwagon-D Rocket Play 4th down catch during the 3rd quarter against a Cover 2 defense, then there’s no reason you can’t execute a punt correctly, even against the Packers mighty special teams.

Whereas most gamers were unaware of the glitch in Madden 15, it came to light recently at Gamecon, when both a team of Harvard-educated astrophysicists and a 12-year-old South Korean boy discovered that if you entered the codes LT + RT + LS + Trade Cutler, you could actually defeat the Packers as opposed to going into the half trailing 42-0. Other glitches in Madden 15 that were discovered include the following:

*Jerry Jones takes Tony Romo out of games when he’s injured
*Adrian Peterson let’s you select the switch he uses while you chase around all his kids
*Fans pack the stadium in Oakland to almost 30% capacity
*Dress-up Tom Brady Ugg matchmaker
*Brandon Marshall Special-Ops Call of Duty Locker Room “ Healthy Discussion”