In a recent press conference, future Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre has announced that he will rejoin the NFL in the wake of Peyton Manning setting the new record for most touchdowns in a career.

The 45-year-old Favre told reporters, “If we’re being completely honest, I’ve been looking for a convenient excuse to get back out there on the field and show these kids what a real quarterback looks like. I figured that watching a 38-year-old pipsqueak like Manning gun past my record was as good of a reason as any. This arm’s still got some juice left in it. Don’t you worry.”

Favre is expected to sign with the Oakland Raiders within the end of the week. When asked how he felt having Favre, who hasn’t thrown a football in a professional game since 2010, join his team for the simple purpose of regaining the all-time touchdown record, Raiders coach Tony Sparano said, “Honestly, have you seen our team? It’s not like Favre can make us any worse.”

Jeff GoodSmith