Following a disappointing loss to the rival Packers at Soldier Field on Sunday, multiple members of the Chicago sports media totally freaked out, with several warning that not only was the Bears’ season over, but this could be “the end of the world as we know it.”

“Once again, the Bears completely fell apart against Green Bay, and I frankly wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a super-race of cheesehead-wearing, flesh-eating zombies take over the entire Midwest,” said’s Steve Rosenbloom. “Sure, the team is 2-2, but Jay Cutler has almost certainly ushered in the era of disease, mayhem and destruction.”

The Score’s Terry Boers agreed, claiming that the Bears defense will be unable to stop the invasion.

“They couldn’t force the Packers to punt once the entire game,” he said. “How will old man Briggs and our brutal secondary hold back the hordes of ravenous zombies as they try to obliterate our way of life? We didn’t just a lose a game — we lost the human race!”

When asked if he thought the Bears would win or lose against Carolina in Week 5, Boers was too busy jumping up and down and screaming in fear to answer.